Terms and Conditions Continued

Clients vehicles must have current wof and rego along with full insurance
It is the client’s responsibility to make sure their vehicle has full insurance. All our drivers are fully licensed, sober and responsible. Dial a driver or any contractor hold no responsibility for any damage to your vehicle. All reasonable care will be taken whilst we operate your vehicle.

Any client who shows any form of verbal or physical abuse, directed at any person in a Dial A Driver uniform or any contractor, will not be tolerated and management will involve the police immediately, without delay. This will terminate Dial A Drivers obligations to your and financial costs may be sought.
Soiling of the Dial A Driver vehicle will incur a $250 cleaning fee.
Damage to Dial A Driver vehicle or contractors car, the cost will be the responsibility of the hirer of the Dial A Driver service.
Once you have booked our service you hereby agree to these terms and conditions set out above.

We endeavour to provide the best possible service to our clients.

GoFARE estimator this a tool to give you the customer a cost it uses the shortest distance if you change from this route-EG: you wish to go a curtain way home OR further stops , unscheduled extra drop offs, fast food stops ect …the GoFARE estimator cost will vary. Please phone or email so you the customer can be fully informed of the cost involved.